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Web Development

In today’s business world, your website is counted on for just about everything- from surface level services like product marketing, branding, PR and customer service to heavy lifting roles like e-commerce transactions and customer relationship management. It must convey authority and generate excitement to visitors around the world, and around the clock.

We at UpperStrata take a lot of pride in the way we build websites.  Every site is coded by hand, adhering to standards, cross-browser compliant and optimized for search.  We utilize an absolute minimum amount of code, easily maintained, without commiting the client to any particular editing tools. When appropriate, additional requirements can include: mobile accessibility, ADA compliance, internationalization / localization, and advanced third-party integration.

Though much of this work is behind-the-scenes for both the clients and web visitors, a production team running with the efficiency of ours reveals itself in three critical places: meeting deadlines, easy maintanence, and most importantly, stability.


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