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Custom Software Development

UpperStrata focuses on custom software development to meet your business needs. Our dedicated team of software developers are rich with the talent required to code swiftly with creativity and agility. Our expertise covers many common and uncommon software platforms, including: Visual Basic, C++, Java, C# .NET, and HTML although we don't stop there. We work with industry leading technologies from Microsoft, Sun, Macromedia, and IBM.

Experience guides our team to meet your deadlines and expectations, without complications. We do not underestimate the importance of any stage, from planning and wireframing to programming, testing, installation, training and maintenance, and we are equipped with the necessary skills to excel at each vital step.

Feedback fuels the iterative process along the way, but ultimately its one voice that matters most: the end user. With this goal in mind, we know we've succeeded when we produce high performance, highly engaging software applications that are usable and complete the task they were created to do.




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